Tue, 07 Feb 2017

The New Freeride E Motorcycles - Limitless Possiblities

The KTM Freeride E is an almost silent off-road motorcycle that is exceptionally easy to ride. Lightweight, agile and powerful.

Bodywork & Frame

Sleek and minimal bodywork - a perfect fit between rider and motorcycle for exceptional control and ease of movement. The FREERIDE E’s unique frame features a chrome-moly steel top section braced by bolted aluminium profile elements. The lower section is braced by the motor and has an aluminium base plate to deliver optimal stiffness, control and safety – even on jumps!

KTM Powerpack

The KTM PowerPack – a die-cast aluminium casing houses 360 lithium ion battery cells and the BMS (Battery Management System). There’s enough juice for about one hour of riding (dependant on riding style and terrain type). Just flip up the seat and loosen four bolts to swap out a depleted KTM PowerPack with a charged unit.

ECU & Display

The high powered Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the Freeride E engine’s ‘brain’. A water cooled ECU ensures instant yet usable power delivery in all riding conditions. “ “ All the Freeride E’s vital statistics with a simple glance. Speed, battery charge status, and power mode are just some of the many functions that the easy-to-read display provides.


A revolutionary new brushless permanent magnet synchronous electric motor delivers 16 kW (21,5 hp) of peak power with 42 Nm of torque, placing it in competitive range of similar sized combustion engine driven motorcycles.


The fiber re-inforced polyamide subframe is incredibly light, yet strong and durable.

Cooling System

Reliable performance is guaranteed by a smart cooling system that maintains constant temperatures within the sophisticated electronics system.

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